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Health Benefits of Cleaning Unit Ventilators in Schools

By INX Indoor Air Quality | January 2, 2021

Unfortunately, as we know from the previous post,  dirty unit ventilators are very common in School Districts throughout Chester County.  We have performed cleaning in many schools in Chester County…

Energy Savings from Cleaning Unit Ventilator in Schools

By INX Indoor Air Quality | December 28, 2020

Unit Ventilator Cleaning is not only good for the health of the students and teachers as noted in the previous blogs, it has many other benefits for the School District…

Cleaning Classroom Unit Ventilators in Chester County SD

By INX Indoor Air Quality | December 21, 2020

Most schools have Air conditioning and Heating units which serve each classroom. These units are called Unit Ventilators, or abbreviated  “Univents”. They are also known as “PTAC” Units, which is…