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When Should I Hire a Company For Mold Remediation Services?

By INX Indoor Air Quality | September 20, 2023

Are you unsure if you have a mold problem that requires professional attention? You are not alone. If you do not have much experience with mold and mold remediation, it…

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INX Indoor Air Quality: What Is Mold Testing?

By INX Indoor Air Quality | August 14, 2023

If parts of your home are susceptible to mold growth, the only way you can be sure that your home does not have any mold is by mold testing. However,…

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The 3 Reasons You Should Hire a Mold Removal Expert

By INX Indoor Air Quality | August 14, 2023

Discovering mold in your home is never a fun experience. Not only can the presence of mold lead to costly property damage and an increased risk of you and your…

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INX Indoor Air Quality’s 5 Steps to Choosing a Professional Mold Removal Company in Chester County

By INX Indoor Air Quality | July 25, 2023

Finding out that you have mold growth in your home is stressful enough, but then needing to find a trustworthy and reliable mold removal company on the fly can be…

What Should You Do When You Need a Mold Remediation Expert?

By INX Indoor Air Quality | June 13, 2023

If you notice mold growing in your home, it’s essential to act fast before the problem spreads. Mold can be hazardous if left unchecked, causing severe health problems to the…

Is it Mold or Mildew and Does it Make a Difference?

By INX Indoor Air Quality | October 26, 2022

Is it Mold or Mildew and Does it Make a Difference? We have all had incidences of the dreaded black, green, or gray spots in and around our shower or…

ConsumerNotice.org Indoor Air Quality

By INX Indoor Air Quality | May 31, 2022

ConsumerNotice.org is a consumer advocacy website dedicated to providing reliable and up-to-date health and safety information to the general public. Recently we had the pleasure of helping a member of their…

Real Estate: Forgoing Inspections

By INX Indoor Air Quality | March 4, 2022

The past few years have been quite a challenge in ways too many to count. The Covid pandemic has been beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. Everyone, in one…

Mold Prevention After Hurricane Ida

By INX Indoor Air Quality | September 14, 2021

If you live in Chester County, then you are no stranger to the impact Hurricane Ida had on the area. Ida produced record-breaking flooding conditions and many families lost parts…

Are Water Stains an Indication of Mold Growth?

By INX Indoor Air Quality | August 3, 2021

This question is presented to us on a weekly basis from both residential and commercial customers all over the tri-state area. The short answer: not always! Water stains are ALWAYS…