Residential Mold Inspection
and Testing

INX Indoor Air Quality

For over 20 years, INX Indoor Air Quality has been inspecting and testing homes within Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey for mold and other indoor air quality issues with the main goal of helping homeowners fix these problems so they can breathe easy. Whether the issue is isolated to one small corner of your home or the entire basement is causing problems, we are available to investigate those problem areas and perform only the necessary testing to diagnose and prescribe a solution that takes care of your indoor air quality issues.

Choosing the right Mold Inspector

Choosing the right Mold Inspector is extremely important. A proper IAQ inspection requires extensive investigation and attention to detail as well as a thorough knowledge of water intrusion issues and mold remediation protocols. For over 2 decades we have tested thousands of homes within the tristate area and because of this extensive experience, it’s rare for us to come across issues we haven’t already seen before.

Potential Mold Issue

In researching your potential mold issue, you may come across different websites selling “Mold Test Kits” that claim to provide you with results from surface samples around your house. These kits are extremely inefficient and the petri dish growth almost always looks exactly the same no matter where the swabs are in contact. We know this because our customers often show us these results upon our arrival. Don’t waste your time and money on DIY mold kits when you can call INX Today!

The Right Mold Inspector

The right mold inspector not only reports a mold issue, they also provide information on why it is there, the source of the problem, what needs to be done to correct it, and the remediation costs. We provide all the answers necessary to make an informed decision to protect your family and property from unwanted indoor air quality dangers.

Attention Home Buyers!

How do I know if I have Mold and what should I do?

There are several ways to tell if you have mold.

Our mold inspectors are trained

Our mold inspectors are trained to use many techniques and various types of equipment to expose surface growth and detect airborne mold spore contamination. The inspector will also investigate the source of the problem and will check for additional water intrusion issues.

Source of moisture

In most cases the source of moisture comes from a leaky foundation or condensation/moisture from appliances like air conditioners or washing machines. Once the source of moisture is identified and an action plan is put in place to ensure that moisture does not return, remediation can take place.

Mold issues in basements

Mold issues in basements are quite common and can typically be resolved pretty quickly with preventative measures in place to ensure issues don’t return. Call INX today to ensure your issue is handled properly and professionally so that you and your family can Breathe Easy!

Call INX Indoor Air Quality today to speak with a Mold Professional
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Attention Home Buyers!

Whether you are planning to purchase a new or previously owned home, if you find yourself answering Yes to one of the following questions, Call INX Indoor Air Quality today to schedule a Mold Inspection:

  • Is there a musty smell in the home or building?
  • Are there visible signs of water damage anywhere?
  • Does the property have a wet basement or is prone to dampness?
  • Has the property ever had roof leaks?
  • Has the property ever had a plumbing leak?
  • Does the property have a crawlspace?
  • Do you have any allergic symptoms of Mold? Sneezing, runny or itchy nose, watering or itchy eyes, respiratory symptoms (such as wheezing and coughing), asthma attacks.

We promise to give you our very best and will be privileged to inspect your existing or new home.

Our Qualifications

  • Member of National Association of Mold
  • Certified Remediators and Inspectors
  • Member of Suburban West Realtors Association
  • Member of Indoor Air Quality Association
  • Use state-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Fully Insured for our clients “peace of mind”
  • Privately owned and operated

Call INX Indoor Air Quality today to have one of our mold inspectors visit your home to inspect and investigate the source of the problem and propose an action plan on how to remedy any issues.