Prolonged moisture intrusion, water leaks, or high humidity conditions inside a building are favorable conditions for mold growth. Bathrooms are commonly susceptible to these conditions because of the amount of plumbing present and this mold growth that can cause damage to building materials very quickly. On top of that, occupants can experience symptoms such as congestion, wheezing, coughing, asthma, or sore throat, as well as complaints relative to odors and skin irritations. Since bathrooms are high traffic areas within the home, mold spores can spread rapidly to other areas if the issue is not handled properly and in a timely manner. Call INX Indoor Air Quality today to have one of our mold inspectors take a look at the issues you are seeing in your bathroom so we can help you Breathe Easy!


Do I have “Black Mold” in my bathroom?

We often receive questions from our concerned customers regarding “Black Mold” that they find in their homes and bathrooms. First and foremost, there are many types of mold that can appear black in color and not all mold that is darker in color is as harmful as “Toxic Black Mold” (more professionally known as Stachybotrys). In your research, you may come across information about “toxic black mold”. Unfortunately, it is common practice for many companies to try to scare people into mold remediation by spreading false narratives about the severity of the mold species present within their home. We are here to tell you that mold problems are common and, in most cases, can be fixed very quickly so that future mold growth is improbable. The fact of the matter is, regardless of the species, mold can affect people with allergies differently and the color of the mold is irrelevant. The important part is that you have the mold properly remediated by trained professionals that can help ensure the problem is handled correctly the first time.

At INX Indoor Air Quality, the first step of our remediation process is containment construction.


Containment Construction

The purpose of the containment is to seal off the remediation area under negative pressure to minimize the potential for cross contamination to clean areas during the remediation process. A HEPA (High efficiency Particulate Air) Air Scrubber is placed inside containment and exhausts out of the containment to create a negative pressure differential in the containment. This ensures the mold in your bathroom is properly removed and airborne spores from remediation are trapped and scrubbed from the air.

Call INX Indoor Air Quality today to have one of our mold inspectors visit your home to inspect and investigate the source of the problem and propose an action plan on how to remedy any issues.

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