Commercial Dryer
Exhaust Cleaning

Dryer Exhaust system

The purpose of the Dryer Exhaust system is to remove hot moist air from your dryer. During the drying process, fibers from clothes and linens, also called “lint”, break away from the fabric. Heavier lint particles are collected in the dryer lint trap. However, smaller lint particulates are always passing through to the exhaust ductwork. Over time, lint sticks to the duct surface and begins to build up. As lint buildup gets heavier, airflow is restricted and causes dryer efficiency to be dramatically reduced. After significant buildup, “chunks” of lint can breakaway causing heavy to total clogging of the exhaust system. Restricted exhaust causes the dryer to heat up significantly, which leads to dryer breakdown or even FIRE!

Commercial Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning is performed with the one fundamental goal:

To save lives by preventing fires. There are many great reasons to keep a facility’s Dryer Exhaust System cleaned and maintained, but saving lives is the ultimate goal.

  • Benefits of Thorough Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning
  • Lower Energy Costs – Clean equipment runs better and more efficiently.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Clean equipment breaks down less than dirty equipment.
  • Improve Ventilation – Dirty systems exhaust less. This can lead to high humidity in Laundry Rooms and can cause system blow-outs leaving lint residue on all surfaces and equipment.

What is done during an assessment?

First is visual.

If you see a mold-like substance on the wall or ceiling, it's probably mold. If you smell musty odors, and it seems to be damp and humid, you probably have mold. If occupants are having symptoms such as congestion, coughing, wheezing, sore throat, or asthma and they improve when they leave, you may have mold. You can also have air and surface samples taken which can tell you how much and what type of mold you have.

How do I know if I have Mold and what should I do?

There are several ways to tell if you have mold.

System Inspection

We take a thorough look at your equipment and system from the Dryer Equipment through the ductwork and up to the exhaust fan. We look for system integrity, cleanliness, accessibility, and design.

Laundry Facility Inspection

We review your laundry load and procedures, operation times, and equipment.

The Plan

Once we understand your Commercial Laundry operation and your system capabilities, we develop the most economical cleaning plan and schedule to maintain a safe and efficient Laundry that stays within your budget.

The First Cleaning

When you are ready, we perform the first cleaning. Most of our clients have never seen their systems so clean. We specialize in the WOW Factor!

The Execution

We spend as much time as necessary (regardless of cost to INX) during the first cleaning to remove all the caked-on lint from years of substandard cleaning.

Moving Forward

We then write a Project Report to document your Cleaning Frequency Procedures, Contacts, job information, disposal policies, and anything else we need to know to do it right on-time, every time.

Call INX Indoor Air Quality today to schedule a FREE Assessment of your Commercial Dryer Exhaust and learn what we can do to help make sure your system is working efficiently and safely.