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Choosing the right Indoor Air Quality Company is a very important decision. A quality mold inspection or duct assessment takes extensive experience and attention to detail. Our experience enables INX to provide the highest quality services at very competitive prices. Our goal is to provide mold removal, mold remediation and IAQ services that you can trust are safe.

We promise to give you our very best, use every bit of our experience and answer every question you have to give you peace of mind about your family, business and property. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you.

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Our experience has prepared us to handle any mold removal and remediation issue that is presented to us with ease.

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Our team will be available for mold inspections at little to no lead time in order to help our Realtor friends serve their clients.

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If you have any questions about mold remediation or indoor air quality testing please feel free to contact us.