Effective Mold Testing Protocols for Schools

school mold safety procedures

Mold safety and airborne toxins really started to become a concern during COVID. When the CDC mentioned how easily it is to get sick through droplets or airborne particles, people started to really worry about how infections can be prevented; the same goes for schools. Schools nationwide started to regard air quality as more important […]

Health Benefits of Cleaning Unit Ventilators in Schools


Unfortunately, as we know from the previous post,  dirty unit ventilators are very common in School Districts throughout Chester County.  We have performed cleaning in many schools in Chester County and Delaware County. In many cases, the school had a very good overall maintenance program, but did not include regular unit ventilator cleaning. In just […]

Cleaning Classroom Unit Ventilators in Chester County SD

Cleaning Classroom Unit Ventilators in Chester County SD

Most schools have Air conditioning and Heating units which serve each classroom. These units are called Unit Ventilators, or abbreviated  “Univents”. They are also known as “PTAC” Units, which is an acronym for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners . Unit ventilators are normally installed along the exterior window wall,  so that “fresh air” can be drawn […]

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